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SNSの反応もお国柄が出る?!Facebook で見つけたジョークをシェアした時のエピソード

ヤシン先生が生徒さんに、Facebook で見つけたジョークをシェアした時のエピソード。


Hi everyone. I’m back again with a very interesting issue that I’ve found out after living in japan for a while. Once in the classroom with a student of mine , I recalled a joke that I read on Facebook that morning which was really funny and I loudly laughed at. I thought that would be a good idea to share it with my student and have him laugh a little before we start our lesson. I picked my cellphone out of my jeans pocket, looked for the joke on Facebook, showed it to him and he read it, it was written in very easy English. I was pretty sure that he would understand it. When he finished reading it, he shook his head and said “Omoshiroi”. I was like “What?” “Is that it?”
Then I asked him “Didn’t you find it funny?” “Not really” he said. Then I thought one of us is crazy, either me laughing at something not funny at all or him having almost no reaction to a very funny joke. To make sure which is correct I shared the joke with a couple of students but unfortunately the reaction was almost the same.
Finally I decided to share it with my foreign friends from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. Laughing out loud they all said “It’s so funny” Then I figured out that things are not that simple, and even what makes people laugh and what not are different.

My question is: What’s funny and what’s not? I know it’s not that easy to answer but try. I’m waiting for your answers. Yassine