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More Than Learning a Language

When we learn a language, we learn words or grammar; we also learn the culture of a different country and how those differ from ours, like habits, way of thinking, and others. Learning the most used vocabulary helps us understand people from different backgrounds and expand our view of the world from other angles.

During times like this, a pandemic due to COVID-19, it might seem challenging due to the human contact restriction that we are facing. As we get to spend more time at home, we have more time to watch TV shows and movies that show us a lot about cultures and human interaction in another culture. While studying English is essential, sometimes we do not pay much attention to this fantastic resource full of knowledge.

Until we wait for the borders to be open and experience this culture at first hand, we should take advantage of this resource. It does not matter if your goal is business or daily conversations; there is a plenty of genres that we can watch depending on our goals. We can find Vlogs on Youtube or TikTok from ordinary people, telling us about their real-life situations and challenges. Plus, we can practice our listening skills, and get used to hearing a variety of accents.

One of the most important things that you can experience doing this is challenging yourself while having fun, so it is highly recommended that you watch something interesting.

Footage, movies and TV shows on Youtube and TikTok are significant parts  of Pop culture, which can help you find topics when you get a chance to talk to people.

So I encourage you to use these resources, talk about them and create an opinion to share with your teachers and future friends.

Let’s try!


  1. What recommendations does the author give?

a) Watch TV shows

b) Watch Movies

c) Watch You Tube videos

d) All the above

2)   Why should we learn about cultures?

a) Understand other cultures

b) Make friends

c) Expand our vision

d) a and b

3) What is challenging now?

a) Watch movies

b) Watch TV

c) Watch You Tube

d)Travel outside Japan

4) What does the author recommend doing when watching movies?

a) Learning  habits

b) Learning about other culture

c) Seeing how people interact

d) All above

5) What kind of movies should you watch according to the author?

a) Business related movies

b) Boring movies

c) It is not mentioned

d) The movies that interest you


  1. d
  2. d
  3. d
  4. d
  5. d